Smart access solutions for intelligent buildings

The SAG Smart Line has now enabled SAG to establish the first "smart" mortise lock with EnOcean wireless technology in the market, making it possible for doors to be integrated into building automation systems free of wires and batteries. SAG Smart Access represents the next level of intelligent access organisation.

Solutions for preventive monitoring, individual room control, keyless entry and intelligent cabinet locking – which ensure that buildings and users are able to adapt to each other optimally – are in high demand when it comes to digital building control in intelligent property. Thanks to the new SAG Smart Access solutions portfolio, these applications can be flexibly configured at any time.

Smart Access offers solutions for keyless access, intelligent cabinet locking, preventive monitoring and individual room control.

Keyless entry

Using SAG Smart Access, electronic locking systems together with the corresponding apps ensure that access permissions can be easily and conveniently organised in a mobile manner via cloud-based systems and platforms. This solution is open to a variety of identification technologies, such as Bluetooth, RFID, PIN codes, time-sensitive booking codes and many others.

Intelligent cabinet locking

With SAG Smart Access, storage space in the form of cabinets, lockers and safe deposit boxes can be flexibly assigned and reserved by means of a mobile device, depending on particular needs. Keyless locking convenience also operates without cables via PER, RFID or PIN code.

Preventive monitoring

For increased building security, SAG Smart Access can easily prevent door movement (actuations of the lock catch and bolt). Together with EnOcean wireless technology, the locking status can be monitored online, and room usage management can be automated in a cloud-based system.

Individual room control

By using cable-free EnOcean wireless technology and SAG Smart Access it is possible to make room control dependent on access and thereby organised on an individual basis. This ensures that selected energy consumers such as lighting, heating or air conditioning are only activated once a user enters the room, and are reliably switched off if the user leaves the room for a longer period.

Experience our smart access solutions for intelligent buildings at this trade fair:

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