SAG Smart Access: New website for digital building organisation

The world is becoming smarter – so too is our portfolio. Our new professional website www.sag-smartaccess.com "SAG Smart Access - Locks as a Service" allows you to experience the perfect digital building automation solution for your needs.

Digitalisation has created space for change, opened up windows of opportunity and resulted in innovative models. Infrastructure-related service guarantees of the digital future are all about modern working and living worlds that are 100% oriented to their users' requirements. The gradual breaking down of traditional workplace and time recording models is paving the way for flexible approaches in the form of co-working and open space offices. This requires new technical peripherals in terms of access and room organisation, which can be intelligently implemented with SAG Smart Access solutions. Our new professional website introduces our solution portfolio for smart commercial buildings, with a focus on user convenience and safety, as well as sustainable operation and cost efficiency for operators.

The four solutions are clearly presented on the new professional website "SAG Smart Access - Locks as a Service".

 SAG Smart Access offers intelligent solutions in four basic application areas of building automation:

Keyless entry
Organise access across different locations in a mobile way, keep analytical recordings of requirements and usage data


Intelligent cabinet locking
Manage utilisation rates and optimise capacities Create new working models and services


Preventive monitoring
Ensure security on a preventive basis, monitor locking statuses in real time


Individual room control
Offer customised convenience, protect resources in a sustainable manner, deliver compelling experiences


Complex solutions for smart building and process organisation presented clearly and conveniently at www.sag-smartaccess.com

Find an overview of all the features and functions of our solutions on a single professional website – set out in a clear, user-friendly and performance-optimised way.

Visit www.sag-smartaccess.com and experience our world of smart solutions in detail!

Should you have any questions or for more information visit: info@sag-smartaccess.com.

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