SAG offers mobile access solution in cooperation with Sony Mobile Communications

Expanding its portfolio of mobile access solutions, SAG is teaming up with Sony Mobile, experts in connectivity as well as user experience, who is delivering advanced IoT solutions to many different industries. In addition to SAG’s Mobile-Check-In via the unique Temporary Guest Code or Bluetooth, SAG now also offers solutions in cooperation with Sony Mobile for the use of mobile access authorizations, designed for programming of digital keys for doors and cabinets via smartphones. As part of the Mobile World Congress, which took place from 25 to 28 February 2019 in Barcelona, these and other solutions were presented at the booth of Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

Cloud-based solution for mobile programming of digital keys

With SAFE-O-TRONIC® access Mobile Programming, access authorizations can be received wirelessly via mobile devices and transferred to numerous data carriers. No power supply or programming equipment is required. This makes the logistics of locking systems, which are distributed over several objects even more comfortable – ideal for branch operations, care services or other businesses and institutions with multiple field offices.

Ideal for temporary access to buildings for service and maintenance personnel, controlled access to medical cabinets in healthcare facilities or special regulations for access to laboratories or other functional rooms, the areas of application for SAFE-O-TRONIC® access Mobile Programming are versatile and allow for the required flexibility and security in the provisioning of digital keys at any time and location.

Mobile Programming allows for receiving locking and access rights via an app on a mobile phone while on the move, which can easily be transferred to an RFID Card or a wearable.

Pilot projects in Swedish care facilities

In Sweden, where care facilities are mostly organized under municipal responsibility, several pilot projects for secure access to medicine cabinets have already been successfully implemented with this convenient mobile access solution. Administrators for the care facility shares access authorization via Criotive Access wirelessly to the staff responsible for dispensing medicines in the connected care facilities. Employees log in via their smartphone and transfer the authorization to cards. This means that the medicine cabinets equipped with SAG’s wireless SAFE-O-TRONIC® access LS furniture locking system can be opened on-site by authorized staff members in a controlled manner. It is just as easy to organize access to the medicinal depots of the municipality. This may be especially beneficial during vacation time when many temporary workers are on duty.

Authorisation for the controlled access to e.g. medicinal cabinets can be granted from afar for precise time frames.

Smooth management of access rights

“The Criotive Access solution provides an encrypted channel between the service provider and connected devices, such as phones and wearables, and has a user-friendly dashboard for efficient provisioning management over the air”, explains Jessica Håkansson, Head of Criotive Access at Sony Mobile. ”It’s quick and easy to set up and manage locks and users. Users don’t need to pick up or update their keys in a central office – it’s all handled securely over the air.”

The Criotive Access solution in combination with the SAFE-O-TRONIC® access door and furniture locking system from SAG offers a wide range of industry solutions for access – easily retrofitted in existing installations. Of course, the application is available for Android as well as iOS devices. "With our solution we can provide temporary access authorizations for cabinets, rooms or entire areas. The ability to program these authorizations on the move complements our product portfolio perfectly" says Marcel van den Haak, export manager at SAG. For sectors such as care, hospitality, fitness, retail, and administration, there are a variety of applications available for the mobile organization of access.

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