SAG invests in lock production with a high-tech automatic punching press

The facts speak for themselves: with around 12 million compressions a year and 250 tonnes of compressive force, the new automatic punching press at the Velbert site is a heavyweight in two ways: not counting the peripherals, such as various control elements, this state-of-the-art machine weighs a whole 33 tonnes, and is therefore the most powerful machine of its kind of the eight punching presses at Velbert. SAG is the German market leader in the manufacture of mortice locks for interior doors. With investments such as these, we intend to defend our market position in the area of ‘locks and striking plate systems’, even in the face of strengthening competition from low-wage countries.

The new automatic punching press was delivered on two semitrailers and in several modules.          

High-precision work setting up the new punching press on the shop floor.

A total of nine companies were involved in the project, from delivery to assembly and commissioning. After completion of a comprehensive test phase before Easter, the new punching press has now been successfully integrated in our regular operations. With its high compressive force and speed, the new punching press is able to process sheet metal of up to 5 mm thickness, with up to 150 compressions per minute. This peak rate helps increase the stroke rate for this SAG production sector to around 40-45,000,000 punched units per year. At the moment, we process up to 2,600 tonnes of steel per year in two shifts. ‘We have not just boosted our production with this high-end machine: At approx. € 700,000, this is also one of the largest individual investments in the company’s history, which signals a clear commitment to the Velbert location’, adds Lutz Baum, Divisional Manager for locks and striking plate systems at SAG.

With 12 million compressions, SAG’s new punching press can automatically process sheet metal to a thickness of up to 5 mm. Foreground, from left to right: Lutz Baum, Manager of the Locks and Striking Plate Systems Division; Production Manager Uwe Kässler; Machine Operator Rainer Nisius. (Images: Schulte-Schlagbaum AG)

A new automatic lacquering line, part of a round plate weld system, was also purchased for this reason. It also helps to boost SAG’s production volume. We aim to further expand our excellent market position for interior doors in Germany, with a total production of over 8 million mortice locks and strike plates. Depending on order volumes, the new machines work in two shifts, welding up to 7,200 assembly groups per shift, which are then automatically lacquered in the subsequent step. ‘Before, this had to be done by hand in several laborious stages. Today, the parts only need to be handled once, which increases productivity and therefore also output by 200%’, says Production Manager Uwe Kässler. ‘Processes are streamlined in the spirit of the company’s strategy of lean management. All in all, it contributes to improving cycle times, and therefore also to shortening average delivery times – which is a worthwhile acquisition considering the investment sum of €135,000’.

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