SAG intensifies market cultivation in Benelux

By appointing a new sales manager in Belgium, Schulte-Schlagbaum AG (SAG) has further strengthened its sales activities for electronic locking systems in Benelux. Based in Retie near Antwerpen, Sales Manager Rowald Hindriks will focus on promoting final-customer acquisition in selected target markets.

His long-standing professional and sales experience in the hotel industry will allow Rowald Hindriks to support the SAG Sales Team in Benelux and France, working especially closely with the hotel market. 

In his new role as sales manager, Rowald Hindriks focusses on cultivating the hotel market in Benelux and France.

“Considering the dynamic growth of the hotel segment in the region, which is the fourth-most important business metropoles together with Amsterdam, preceded only by Frankfurt, Paris and London, we are optimistic to intensify our marketing activities considerably with the help of Rowald Hindriks,” Marcel van den Haak, Head of Export at SAG, explains.

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