Revision of the SAG Classes 2 + 3 Skeleton Key Locks

With a new, revised version of the skeleton key locks of classes 2 and 3, SAG offers an innovative expansion of the product portfolio. Perforated series profile cylinder locks according to the DIN standard serve as the basis for the future equipment of SAG’s skeleton key locks with improved quality.


These profile cylinder locks will from now on be provided with a novel kind of skeleton key lock insert and the matching key is fastened on the cover by means of a plastic clip. This offers users the following benefits:

  • The new SAG skeleton key lock insert has a so-called key loss safety and is available unsorted in four different sweeps.
  • The corresponding sweep number of the key can be seen on both face sides of the skeleton key lock insert; e.g. for reordering keys.
  • The skeleton key lock can still be fit in the magazine owing to its low height.
  • This new combination furthermore offers the advantage that the lock is serial equipped with an alternation and it can thereby also be used as a genuine profile cylinder lock in case the safety requirements or the function of the door were to change at any point.
  • The skeleton key lock insert can be uninstalled easily by loosening the fixing screw.

The SAG skeleton key lock insert permits the use of skeleton keys on profile cylinder locks.

The changeover will be implemented successively in the different lock versions and DIN classes over the coming months.


The new skeleton key lock insert will of course also be available as a separate set under our product number 1 BE2210.

Loose skeleton keys under SAG # 1 S22100 are also available for replacements or in the case more are required.


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