New online presence

In keeping with our motto, “We organise access and accounting”, we have completely redesigned the websites of Schulte-Schlagbaum AG and its subsidiaries eccos pro gmbh, novacom software gmbh and EDV-Service Schaupp GmbH. The concept focuses on a restructuration of the products based on fields of application and clear segmentation of customer groups.

A new chapter titled “field of application” provides varied insights into the industry solutions that we offer our customers in cooperation with our system houses. We particularly focus on the hospitality sector, where the range of available solutions ranges from mobile access and storage systems to professional guest and gastronomy management tools and digital order and accounting systems for communal catering. Of course, every visitor still has access to detailed information about each product portfolio on demand.

The new, joint landing page provides a brief overview of all four companies before forwarding the interested visitors to their desired page.


The landing page of Schulte-Schlagbaum AG and its three subsidiaries from the guest management segment – eccos pro, novacom and EDV-Service Schaupp

On the websites of the business segment for guest management systems, featuring the companies eccos pro, novacom and EDV-Service Schaupp, the strategic orientation towards synergies and integrated software solutions has been emphasised even more distinctly in the look and feel. The holistic system catalogue of the SAG subsidiaries is easily and transparently accessible via hyperlinks to the various product sites.

Our products are showcased with a clear focus on images and videos; detailed descriptions are also available.

For the international customer base of the parent company, SAG, all content will be offered in additional languages soon.