New addition to the product line of strike plates

To match the mortise locks pursuant with DIN and Austrian standards, SAG has developed a new strike plate for butted and flush elements for use in the high quality residential and commercial sector. An adjustable and simultaneously noise-reducing lock edge design made of synthetic material allows for a fine adjustment range of about 3 mm. The integrated synthetic material rear lining lines the catch opening.


The newly adjustable flanged strike plate for the high quality residential and commercial sector

SAG provides the new strike plate in the following versions:

  • Latching deadbolt strike plate (item no. 1 LB2579)

System length: 170 mm

Optional 2-door use for the deadbolt opening

  • Latch strike plate (item no. 1LB2577)

System length: 91 mm (e.g. for use on all glass doors)

Starting in April 2016, SAG will offer the new strike plate in a design made of high quality stainless steel with a matte brushed surface and at the previous conditions (optionally with a polished surface for a surcharge). 


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